miércoles, 10 de septiembre de 2008

mi casa en sueños

mansión de manolai

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Eugenio Martínez Sierra dijo...

A partir de la segunda habitación ahí se queda.

manolai dijo...

noooo! sigue buscando! yo he estado toda la mañana curioseando...

ronyiszka dijo...

"your dream house" ?

if so, i'm not the most frequent visitor.. one room was so scary, i stopped watching it!

(but, it's great!)


manolai dijo...

actually, "my house in dreams". it's a bit of a word game for a change, hehe.
well, i don't have a house; i have dreams, though. and houses in my child nightmares had sliding buttons and viscose surfaces, doors that were mouths and chairs that suck you, flickering bulbs and shrieking elevators

but... 99 rooms!